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Worker’s Compensation
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 4 2017Workers Compensation(0)

You were badly injured at work, but not deemed totally disabled. Nevertheless, you’ve already learned that you can’t ever go back to doing your old job. Yet, you don’t have the skills to do anyt

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workers’ compensation
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 1 2017Workers Compensation(0)

As accidents happen, it’s not always so evident who causes them. Likewise, it’s sometimes difficult to determine the identity of the involved parties. So, what happens? Is it possible to pursue a

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wrongful death attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 21 2017Wrongful Death(1)

You are overcome with grief. After several months of painful recuperation, your spouse passes away. The doctor tells you the death is related to the car accident that put him in the hospital in the fi

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Slipped and Fell on Ice
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 16 2017Slip And Fall(0)

The frigid temperatures are bad enough. You also think you’ve heard quite enough about blizzard conditions. The wind smacks you in the face as you head out the door. You make it to your car without

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car accident attorney New Jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 8 2017Accident(0)

Maybe you won’t find it so astonishing. Obviously, just about everyone knows the danger of intersections. But, how bad is it? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),

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Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 3 2017Work Injury(0)

No doubt you already know this. Invisible injuries are a reality. They may not show up on x-rays or MRIs. However, there is no question that someone can be hurt at work and not show noticeable signs o

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car accident attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 28 2017Car Accidents(0)

You were in the middle of a multi-vehicle pileup. The accident was so horrific that you feel lucky to be alive. Months go by, and you get a huge shock. The doorbell rings and a process server asks for

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Jaws of Life as Rescue Tools
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 23 2017Accident(0)

Just about everyone has heard of the Jaws of Life. But, what do you actually know about them? If you were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, you might have experienced them firsthand. They

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Distracted Driving Accidents
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 20 2017Accident(0)

Many people frown on smart phones as distractions. Clearly, they may be a problem if you have decided to text and drive. However, you might be surprised. Learn how you could actually use your smart ph

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