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Super lawyer
Dan T. MatrafajloOctober 26 2016Superlawyer(0)

The legal team at Beninato & Matrafajlo Attorneys At Law, LLC is honored to announce the selection of managing member and lead partner, Dan Matrafajlo, to the 2017 New Jersey Rising Stars List. Th

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personal injury claim
Dan T. MatrafajloOctober 24 2016Personal Injury(0)

You may have heard the term lien and wondered how it applies to your personal injury case.  Many understand that someone can assert a lien against real property for some types of legal matters.  But

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Work Injury Claim Form
Dan T. MatrafajloOctober 17 2016Workers Compensation(0)

So, maybe they aren’t all secrets.  But, occupational exposure as a workers’ compensation claim can be a very big deal.  People go to work to earn money.  They certainly don’t intend to suffe

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Court Interpreter
Dan T. MatrafajloOctober 12 2016Personal Injury(0)

It goes without saying that America is a melting pot.  This is especially true of New Jersey, which ranks especially high when it comes to diversity.  How does this affect litigants?  Does it limit

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police dashcam
Dan T. MatrafajloOctober 3 2016DWI(0)

For someone out there, it might seem like a dream come true.  Could police dashcam footage actually help prove innocence?  What relevance could it have in a DWI case?Mobile video recorders (MVRs

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social media
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 26 2016Social Media(0)

Social media.  Perhaps the most familiar are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  However, the list is more expansive that that.  There’s Snapchat, Linked In, You Tube and even more out there.  One

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Personal Breathalyzer
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 21 2016DWI(0)

If you’ve followed the news, you may wonder if recent criminal charges against a state law enforcement officer may impact your DWI case.  According to information distributed to certain court offic

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Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 19 2016Pedestrian Accident(0)

The term “street smart” has a couple of connotations.  In this case, New Jersey’s Street Smart campaign emphasizes a focus on pedestrians.  After all, those on foot or on bicycles are unfortun

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dwi accident attorney
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 17 2016DWI(0)

It’s an interesting question.  What if you are injured in a car crash and also accused of DWI?  What if the accident wasn’t your fault at all?  Can you make a claim?  The answer might astound

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