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motorcycle accident lawyer new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 18 2016Auto Accident(0)

Quick quiz on motorcycle crashes.  What would you guess are the most common reasons for accidents?  We’re sure everyone has passed some fast moving bikes on the highway and expressed concern.  Ob

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worker compensation attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 11 2016Workers Compensation(0)

Workers’ comp insurance fraud is very real. And, it comes in many varieties. Not just from claimants. Employers are sometimes guilty as well. You may be surprised when we provide you with some detai

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pedestrian accidents attorney New Jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 4 2016Pedestrian Accident(0)

We walk everywhere, some of us more than others. We walk to the store; we walk to work; we walk to school; we walk to the park; we walk for fun; we walk for exercise. Although walking is mostly safe,

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nursing home elder abuse
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 27 2016News(0)

We all dread making the difficult decision to place our elderly loved ones in a nursing home. Unfortunately, for some, as hard as this decision may be, it is inevitable. One of the main concerns most

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dan t matrafajlo
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 20 2016News(0)

Experienced attorneys are generally the ones called upon to speak to others about a particular area of the law.  And, Attorney Dan Matrafaljo of the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafaljo has earne

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new Jersey head injury lawyer
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 14 2016Personal Injury(0)

After a serious accident, the most important step you can and should take is to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. Even if you don’t believe that you were injured or don’t see any

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pedestrian accident
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 1 2016Pedestrian Accident(0)

Warmer weather brings more pedestrian accidents.  Children seeming dart across streets chasing stray balls.  Bicyclists are a bit more casual.  The upswing in calamities is somewhat alarming.On

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car accident attorney New Jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 30 2016Car Accidents(1)

When you are involved in a car accident – any car accident – you need to take the right steps immediately following the accident to ensure that you don’t jeopardize your chances of getting life

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Work Injury Claim Form
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 23 2016Work Injury(0)

Who caused your work injuries?  We guarantee you that this is something that the workers’ compensation company will be looking at when they evaluate your case.  They have some very important reaso

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