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Work Injury Claim Form
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 23 2016Work Injury(0)

Who caused your work injuries?  We guarantee you that this is something that the workers’ compensation company will be looking at when they evaluate your case.  They have some very important reaso

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carbon monoxide poisioning
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 16 2016Personal Injury(0)

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. Unfortunately, its reality hit Union County residents in full force in recent weeks. News reports indicate that a nine year old boy succumbed to the deadly fumes in

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Accident Insurance Claim
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 9 2016Car Accidents(0)

No personal injury attorney can promise you a successful case. Each case is fact specific and dictates how the claim develops. No lawyer can promise you a specific monetary award. If any attorney does

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truck accident
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 2 2016Auto Accident(0)

Many of us have witnessed truckers driving on highways at speeds well above 75 to 80 mph. These excessive speeds are unsafe for most motorists, let alone truckers. In addition to the obvious dangers p

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car accident attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 25 2016Auto Accident(0)

Remember when drivers got behind the wheel and didn’t worry about gadgets? Yes, technology. A good thing. Unfortunately, it can be a bad thing. Learn these five ways that technology can cause automo

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workplace accident
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 18 2016Work Injury(0)

Ramon was a hard worker and did maintenance for a local luxury apartment building. He ventured into the stairwell and started wiping down the walls. Unfortunately, Ramon slipped on a wet substance. It

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rollover accident
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 11 2016Auto Accident(0)

All car accidents come with a certain level of fear. However, many admit that involvement in a rollover accident is among the most frightening experiences. Although speed can be a contributory feature

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Dan T. MatrafajloApril 4 2016DWI(0)

You may have heard that certain charges carry extra penalties if they involve school zones. Not everyone realizes that driving while under the influence (DWI) represents additional penalties. Learn so

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soft tissue injury
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 30 2016Personal Injury(0)

It was certainly not your fault that Mr. Not Paying Attention ran a red light and rammed into your car. The pain in your neck is excruciating, but there is no evidence of fracture or disc herniation.

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