10 Tips For Successfully Testifying at Your Own Personal Injury Trial

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Oct 2013
  • Personal Injury,
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Personal Injury AttorneyMaking the decision of testify at your own personal injury trial is an important decision that you and your New Jersey injury lawyer should make together. You will have only one opportunity to testify, so it is imperative that you are adequately prepared to make the best impression on the jury and present your side of the story in the most convincing light possible.

Below are ten helpful tips you should consider in successfully testifying in court:

  • Be as familiar with the facts of your case as possible, including all the information you provided to the opposing party during depositions and in answering discovery documents.
  • Review your medical history and all the treatment you have had and the medication you took in treating your personal injuries.
  • Arrive to court on time, or even earlier.
  • Dress in proper court attire, which is generally business casual.
  • Answer the opposing attorney’s questions truthfully and honestly. You should never exaggerate the facts of your case.
  • Look at the jury when answering questions, instead of looking at the floor or ceiling.
  • Do not make sarcastic or funny remarks when answering questions.
  • Do not provide more information than necessary; in other words, just answer the question asked.
  • Be polite and courteous to opposing counsel and the judge, including all court personnel.
  • Relax while you are on the stand. Fidgeting or looking nervous will make you look suspicious to the jury.

We Can Help You Be a Good Witness at Your Own Personal Injury Trial

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