5 Personal Injury Myths You Should Know

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed May 2015
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When you are injured in an accident, it is consoling to think that the party who caused the accident will automatically accept fault and pay for your damages. Unfortunately, most cases are not so simple and in fact entail complicated facts that may result in your case not settling for months or even years.Neck Injury Attorney:Dan T. Matrafajlo

Below are 5 personal injury myths that claimants should be familiar with:

  • “The responsible party will pay my rental car for as long as I need it.” How long the responsible party will actually pay for your rental cost depends on various factors, such as whether the insurance company has accepted liability, and if the policy provides for rental coverage.
  • “I have to get my car repaired where the liable party’s insurance carrier tells to go.” Generally speaking, you have the right to have your car fixed at whatever body shop you choose to take your vehicle to. Therefore, you are not obligated to have the repair done at the place requested by the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster.
  • “I have to get a certain number of estimates from body shops for the repair of my vehicle.” There is generally no steadfast rule as to how many estimates your need to get before actually fixing your car. The at-fault party’s insurance carrier will send an appraiser to inspect your car or will direct you to a specific body shop for an inspection.
  • “I have to provide a recorded statement to the other party’s insurance company.” You are not required under law to provide anyone a recorded statement. In fact, most personal injury attorneys advise their clients not to provide recorded statements to insurance adjusters, including their own insurance company. The reason is that a recorded statement will “lock you in” the information you provided, which can be used against you during negotiation and/or during litigation.
  • “The insurance company cares and has my best interest in mind.” Unfortunately, this is one of the most devastating myths a personal injury claimant can believe. Not only do insurance carriers not have your best interest in mind, but they also do not want to see you get a penny for the injuries that you have sustained. Insurance companies and their adjusters have one goal: to settle your claim as quickly as possible, and for as little as possible. This means that they will do nearly anything possible to undermine the value and credibility of your claim so that you will ultimately get as little as possible.

There are many other personal injury myths that can be devastating to your claim if you do not know the truth. In order to prevent taking steps that may be detrimental to your claim, you should immediately consult with and hire an experienced personal injury attorney to handle your claim.

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