Another Year Starts with Fatalities Involving a Bus Accident

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Fri Feb 2019
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school busNo doubt you remember last year’s tragic bus accidents. By mid-2018, the news reported that some of the fatalities involved school buses. It’s early in the year and one can only hope that a recent bus accident on Route 80 isn’t indicative of more to come.

In years past, you might not have given a second thought to using a bus as a means of transportation. After all buses are efficient means of transporting passengers from one place to the next. In your case, you might hop on to a New Jersey Transit bus because you don’t own a car.

When it comes to school buses, there’s the obvious concern of ensuring your child arrives at school on time. It’s not unreasonable to expect that the bus companies maintain and repair their vehicles. Additionally, you’re not out of bounds if you think every bus driver should be checked before getting behind the wheel.

In the meantime, bus accidents don’t just occur on public buses or school buses. Private carriers take passengers on all sorts of trips. For example, a tour bus might regularly pick up those looking for a day out at the casinos in Atlantic City. There are also private companies that service commuters.

All things considered, the type of bus you are on matters when it comes to pursuing a claim for a loved one’s death or your own injuries. While you may think you have time, you should consult with an experienced bus accident attorney after the accident as soon as possible. In some cases, you have a short time period to notify the bus company of your injuries.

Bus Accidents and Other Injuries

Any type of motor vehicle accident can cause significant injuries. Of course, the worst-case scenarios involve crashes that result in fatalities. Meanwhile, bus riders may face other risks than passengers in cars. As a result, the chance of significant injuries also increases.

First, consider the issue of seatbelts. Last year, the New Jersey legislature signed a new law requiring three-point restraints on school buses. This translates into lap and shoulder seatbelts found in all passenger cars. Notably, the law only applies to school buses.

Riding without a seat belt creates great risk. In some cases, it means an individual can be ejected from the bus. Even if they remain in the vehicle, the jolt can cause serious injuries. Some common injuries associated with unbelted passengers include the following:

• Fractured arms and legs
• Massive head injuries or brain trauma
• Abdominal injuries
• Spinal injuries

One of the other issues associated with bus accidents is that some passengers may actually stand during their ride. While this is permissible by law, they are still at an increased risk for injury.

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