Are All Pedestrian Accidents Hit and Runs?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Mar 2019
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pedestrian accidentAll you did was cross the street. Whether you walked against the light, or with it, you certainly planned on making it to the other side. You’re not even sure what happened. Later, you learn that you were the victim of a pedestrian accident. Worse yet, the driver took off and didn’t even bother to see if you were alive or dead.

The fact that you survived the crash represents good news all on its own. For a while, you may think otherwise, as you recuperate from broken bones, spinal fractures or even a traumatic brain injury.

In the meantime, there is the added insult to your injuries. How dare the driver flee the scene? However, there’s something you should realize. According to AAA, hit and run crashes occur every minute on roads throughout the country.

Worse yet, sixty-five percent of people killed by hit and run drivers are either pedestrians or bicyclists.

You don’t have to look far for evidence of a pedestrian accident involving a fatality. According to news reports, Linden police are still searching for the driver whose SUV mowed into a young teacher and never stopped.

Pedestrian Accidents: The Causes

More than likely, you can guess the reason some motor vehicle operators don’t stop. They may not have valid licenses or insurance cards. In some cases, they were driving under the influence. Of course, none of these excuses are valid ones.

If you were injured in an accident as a pedestrian, your first concern needs to be on securing medical treatment. Emergency responders who come to the scene will transport you to the facility best equipped to handle your condition.

The motorist who strikes you as a pedestrian may attempt to blame you for the accident. For example, maybe you ran into the street after your dog. You may also be accused of jaywalking.

Distracted driving plays a big part in pedestrian accidents. Texting and driving continue to be a big problem. One second of turning away from the road can result in extreme harm.

Speed represents another concern regarding pedestrian accidents. Someone in a hurry may not have the ability to stop a car or other type of motor vehicle in time.

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