Are There Really More Pedestrian Accidents in Good Weather?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue Jun 2019
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Pedestrian Accidents in Good Weather

It’s an unfortunate consequence of good weather. Pedestrian accidents occur with more frequency when the sun appears, and the days are longer. No doubt the increase relates to the number of people who take to their feet for exercise or to get to work.

At its worst, pedestrians pay with their life, both figuratively and literally. You could lose a loved one when a motor vehicle driver loses control and strikes a person merely standing on the sidewalk. It may add insult to injury if the incident becomes a hit and run accident.

Meanwhile, you could face devastating injuries as you walk across the street. Unfortunately, crosswalk accidents are among the most common auto-pedestrian accidents. And, it doesn’t seem to matter if intersections are controlled by signs or signals.

Truth be told, many crashes involve inexperienced drivers or are due to driver inattention. Additionally, increased lifespans suggest more and more pedestrian accidents also involve senior drivers. Unfortunately, someone driving under the influence contributes to hitting people on foot.

New Jersey Pedestrian Accidents: The Statistics

Reports obtained from the New Jersey State Police reveal that there are numerous pedestrian fatalities resulting from motor vehicle accidents every year. In 2017, accidents resulted in 52 pedestrian fatalities, with another 61 people being killed in 2018. The numbers are on the rise, with 64 pedestrian fatalities already reported this year.

If the past is any type of gauge, it is expected that this year’s total of pedestrian fatalities will drastically increase. As the summer approaches, people spend more time outside. Unfortunately, children are particularly at risk.

Different Types of Auto-Pedestrian Crashes

Confusion represents one of the major issues when it comes to crosswalk accidents. You may relate to this quite personally. It could be that you figured you were crossing with the light and had the right of way.

Meanwhile, you didn’t wait for the hand display to illuminate directing you to cross. It often comes with a countdown. The reason it didn’t light up? The traffic signal provided drivers making a left turn time to make it through the intersection.

Does the fact that your mistake contributed to the accident mean you have no claim? Not necessarily. An experienced personal injury attorney can explain how the theory of comparative negligence impacts any action against the driver of the car that hit you.

Another type of pedestrian accident involves a backover crash. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, these types of accidents happen most frequently in driveways or parking lots. Children fall victims to backover crashes most often as the motor vehicle operator doesn’t see them when they back up their car.

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