Are Uber and Lyft Really Worth the Risk of a Car Crash?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Fri May 2019
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Uber and Lyft

A little more than a decade ago, Uber entered the marketplace. As it now stands, people love the convenience of Uber and Lyft as a quick means of getting from Point A to Point B. However, one problem. What happens as far as either of these ridesharing services in the event of a car crash?

Not everyone uses Uber or Lyft as a sole means of transportation. In your case, it may be that your car was in the shop and you needed to get to work. In the past, you might have called a taxi. Instead, you decided to call a ridesharing service for a quick and convenient way to make the trip.

As far as you’re concerned, you like the idea of using an app on your cell phone to request a ride. Besides, you enjoy the fact that the pricing appears predictable and inexpensive.

In the meantime, using a ridesharing service comes with certain risks you may not have considered. What happens if the vehicle gets into an accident while you’re a passenger? Whose responsibility will it be to pay your medical bills if you are hurt? What if you are seriously injured in the car crash?

Uber and Lyft: The Practicality

Both Uber and Lyft promote their services with claims they help decrease the incidence of drunk driving in New Jersey and other states. However, studies show that is not necessarily true.

According to an article published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, there has been “no association with the number of subsequent traffic fatalities” and ridesharing services. That said, traffic fatalities are on the rise every year.

In many cases, Uber and Lyft add to the increased number of vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, the possibility that your rideshare vehicle will be involved in an accident warrants consideration.

For starters, what do you know about the person behind the wheel? Unlike a taxi or car service, neither Uber nor Lyft drivers are required to obtain any special type of permit or license in order to transport passengers. They only need to have a vehicle, insurance, and a regular driver’s license. Is that enough?

Add to that some other food for thought. As a parent, you most likely forewarn your children about chatting with strangers on the internet. You also caution them about entering cars when they don’t know the drivers. How does this translate to the idea that you’re using online resources to set up a ridesharing service with someone you’ve never met?

In any event, if you are involved in an accident while a passenger in an Uber or Lyft car, you need to take some important steps. Otherwise, you could hurt your chances at receiving the compensation you deserve if you suffer injuries.

Other Risks Associated with Ridesharing Services

Ridesharing services come with risks other than the potential for car crashes. Did you read about the incident that happened in a Union County town recently? A Lyft driver and a female passenger survived a stabbing attack by another passenger. Apparently, the second passenger set up the shared ride and then drove off with the vehicle. From all appearances, the passengers were strangers.

Of course, you’ve most likely seen the news of individuals posing as Uber or Lyft drivers and know the consequences. You need to exhibit caution before entering a car and match the identification provided to you when you call for the ride.

When You Need to Pursue a Claim

With combined experience of over five decades, the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafajlo is here to help you with your accident claim. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident while using a ridesharing service, contact us to schedule an appointment. We can help you secure payment of your medical bills, lost wages, and recover money damages for your injuries.

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