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Frank Cofone JR.Frank Cofone has been licensed for 44 years and handles cases in Insurance, General Practice, Government, Appeals. This attorney works in New Brunswick, NJ and attended Stetson University.

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Appeals, General practice, Government, Insurance

With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks Ron & I just wanted to thank you for fighting so hard for us and for all your advice. It was a real pleasure meeting you and spending time in conversation with you.

Fran Conway P.S. Got our RV and planning a maiden voyage!

Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and I would like to thank you Mr. Cofone for being my lawyer and working hard on my case. I appreciate and am grateful for all you do. You are awesome! Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!


My Family and I would like to thank you for everything you did for me. It was nice to know someone believed in me and was willing to help in my time of desperation. Pete Gulla told me you were a hell of a lawyer and I feel the same way. I also appreciate the kind of person Frank Cofone is. You never made me feel inferior or awkward no matter where we spoke or was present.

O.K. Frank , now for the order of business. I know deep down you would like to be just like me so I decided to help the way you helped me. Here is a hat almost identical to mine. First thing is to bend the peak so when you wear it you don’t look like a “dork”. It’s going to take time to take some time to develop the charisma and charm I have but be patient. After all, I didn’t become this way over night.

There is one more thing. At our last farewell immediately following the trial you said and I quote “I’m going to miss seeing your face.” I noticed when you said this your voice was cracking and you were getting chocked up trying to hold back your emotions. Well, guess what? I took care of that problem too with a second gift I know you will keep and cherish forever.

I guess this is it Frank, thank you again. I will never forget this unfortunate episode in my life nor will I forget you. Joan and I both wish you well.
Bob Staking

P.S. You never did bring me a glass of water when I testified.

I want to extend my personal heartfelt thanks to you and all the members of your staff who helped with my defense.

I would not have asked for better representation. All of the pretrial and trial work was carried out in a thorough and most professional manner.

In closing, please allow me to indulge in a bit of whimsy. As a school teacher I would like to commend you on a job well done. I hope this goes on your permanent record!


Judith A. Dark

Your attorney Mark Casale did a great job in a tough case. He handled himself very well . It was unflappable the few times we disagreed. He’s like a young you. So enclosed you will find a young you from 1985.


Enclosed is our check for $340.00 covering final payment for your services representing us in the Soccadato law suit.

I want you to know that we were extremely pleased with the results and the manner that you handled the case. I also appreciate what I consider a modest fee you billed us.

After our initial phone conversation I really sensed we were going to have a comfortable relationship. Which of course was the way it turned out.

Once again, many thanks

Sherell Gordon

Thank you for your skillful negotiation and overall excellent handling of this file.
I appreciate the industrious manner in which you attacked this case and saw through to a good settlement.
Very truly yours,

Mary O’Donnell

Enclosed please find a check for $6,172.00 payable to your law firm for your services in this matter.

Thank you does not fully indicate my feelings for your efforts in this matter. I appreciate your confidence and zeal in preparation, and would request that you notify our office should you ever be inclined to hang your shingle in Northeast Ohio.
Again thank you for your efforts.
Very truly yours.

George M. Drabick



Lecture Panels

  • Arbitration Advisory Panel
  • Arbitration Subcommittee
  • Hearsay Panel
  • ICLE Jury Selection Strategy Panel
  • American Arbitration Association Panel

Law Journal Interview

  • March 17, 2008 Highpoint v. J.M. ( Child Molestation Coverage Case )
  • October 10, 2016 (Hoboken Train Crash)



Cases In Newspaper





Johnson v. Borgata 2008 $750,000 Law Journal (L.J.)
Melillo v. East Brunswick 2016 $1.45 Million L.J.
Oppedisano v. Utz 2010 $3 Million , $ 700,000
Vasquez v. Pizarro 2008 $712,954
Sautner v. Commons at Keansburg 2012 $850,000
Parkin v. Flying Foods 2013 $2 Million
Ramirez v. Gonzalez 2011 $750,000
Olmeda v. Sweeney’s Auto 2012 $635,000 Worked on Case w/ Dan Matrfajlo


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