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Insurance Claim
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 17 2018Car Accidents(0)

Your ability to create a record of your injuries is essential in establishing a personal injury claim. Additionally, you should show your Edison car accident lawyer documents that relate to your case.

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Car crashed
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 16 2018Car Accidents(0)

Passengers who have been involved in a car accident have rights as well and should therefore hire a New Jersey passenger in accident lawyer to obtain the just compensation they are entitled to. Car

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Swimming Pool Accident
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 9 2018Personal Injury(0)

Although New Jersey seemingly skipped spring, there’s a high chance that summer may actually make its appearance. As the New Jersey weather heats up this summer, more families will be heading to the

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Bicycle Accident
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 5 2018Bicycle Accident(0)

There are all kinds of reasons you might love the idea of hopping on a two-wheeler. Riding a bike is not only fun and healthy. In fact, more and more people are choosing to bike to work. However, New

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back injury
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 2 2018Accident(0)

Pain is by far one of the most difficult feelings in the world.  If you were injured in any kind of accident, there’s a good chance that just about everything hurts. All things considered, you may

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car accident attorney New Jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 28 2018Accident(0)

All things considered, you’re really not sure how the car crash happened at all. Your mind is a big blur – complicated by the fact that you are still recovering. You spent days in a coma. When you

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Expert Witness
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 25 2018Personal Injury(0)

In a matter of seconds, your life could change forever. For years, you’ve prided yourself as the family breadwinner. Your employer has even applauded your attendance record. However, a catastrophic

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Personal injury claim
Dan T. MatrafajloJune 20 2018Personal Injury(0)

There’s a good chance that you’re not even sure what constitutes an engineering expert witness. More than likely, you have even more confusion about how one could help your personal injury case. T

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Dan T. MatrafajloJune 15 2018Auto Accident(0)

Regardless of whether your car collides with a semi truck or a delivery truck, you will need the legal assistance of a New Jersey truck accident lawyer to protect your rights and get you the just comp

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