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On the job injury of one worker fallen from a ladder
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 16 2018Work Injury(0)

It almost goes without saying that some jobs put workers are at higher risk than others. For example, some professions involve sedentary work – without the use of any type of dangerous machinery. Me

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construction worker
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 9 2018Accident(0)

There’s a chance that you’re already familiar with the acronym OSHA. At the very least, you should know that the Occupational Safety & Health Administration falls under the direction of the U

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Personal Injury
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 4 2018Personal Injury(0)

No doubt you’re well aware of the loss to your pocket. When you’re in an accident, you may find yourself straddled with bills that seemingly come out of nowhere. First, there’s the obvious – t

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electrician electrocuted lying on the ground.
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 31 2018Work Injury(0)

As far as you’re concerned, the differences may not be all that shocking.  And, yes the pun was most definitely intended. Although you might think of electrocution and electrical shock as the s

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Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 21 2018Accident(0)

Drunk driving accidents can prove to be emotionally and physically traumatizing, but it is important to hire a New Jersey drunk driving victim lawyer to learn about all your legal rights in getting th

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Injured woman in car crash
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 20 2018Car Accidents(0)

Hiring a New Jersey auto accident injury lawyer may be your only chance in obtaining the fair compensation that you deserve for the personal injuries that you have suffered. Car accident injuries

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Bicycle Accident
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 19 2018Bicycle Accident(0)

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, you have legal rights. With the help of a New Jersey bicycle accident lawyer, you may be able to get the financial compensation to cover the personal i

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Insurance Claim
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 17 2018Car Accidents(0)

Your ability to create a record of your injuries is essential in establishing a personal injury claim. Additionally, you should show your Edison car accident lawyer documents that relate to your case.

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Car crashed
Dan T. MatrafajloJuly 16 2018Car Accidents(0)

Passengers who have been involved in a car accident have rights as well and should therefore hire a New Jersey passenger in accident lawyer to obtain the just compensation they are entitled to. Car

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