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Wheelchair With A Neck Brace
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 16 2017Personal Injury(0)

One of the most commonly injured parts of the human body is the neck. It may get injured after severe shock, for instance in an auto accident. This is because of the presence of soft tissue. A neck in

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Construction accident
Dan T. MatrafajloMay 1 2017Workers Compensation(0)

The lyrics of a children’s song say it well. “One of these things are not like the other.” So, how does this actually apply if you or a loved one is injured in an accident? Are there differences

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Wear a Seatbelt
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 28 2017Car Accidents(0)

There are all kinds of reasons you may decide not to wear a seatbelt. Perhaps you feel too restricted. Maybe you don’t think it’s necessary in the back seat of a motor vehicle.  You may be under

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Injured woman in car crash
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 25 2017Personal Injury(0)

If you are an emergency responder of any kind, you’ve most likely heard of NJ’s Good Samaritan law.  The same is certainly true if you are a physician or nurse.  Are you exposed to liability if

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Car crashed
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 21 2017Car Accidents(0)

It may be the first time you are involved in a motor vehicle accident. Admittedly, it can be an overwhelming experience. Even if you weren’t severely injured, you might be uncertain about your cour

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Worker’s Compensation
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 4 2017Workers Compensation(0)

You were badly injured at work, but not deemed totally disabled. Nevertheless, you’ve already learned that you can’t ever go back to doing your old job. Yet, you don’t have the skills to do anyt

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workers’ compensation
Dan T. MatrafajloApril 1 2017Workers Compensation(0)

As accidents happen, it’s not always so evident who causes them. Likewise, it’s sometimes difficult to determine the identity of the involved parties. So, what happens? Is it possible to pursue a

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wrongful death attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 21 2017Wrongful Death(0)

You are overcome with grief. After several months of painful recuperation, your spouse passes away. The doctor tells you the death is related to the car accident that put him in the hospital in the fi

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Slipped and Fell on Ice
Dan T. MatrafajloMarch 16 2017Slip And Fall(0)

The frigid temperatures are bad enough. You also think you’ve heard quite enough about blizzard conditions. The wind smacks you in the face as you head out the door. You make it to your car without

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