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Personal Breathalyzer
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 21 2016DWI(0)

If you’ve followed the news, you may wonder if recent criminal charges against a state law enforcement officer may impact your DWI case.  According to information distributed to certain court offic

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Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 19 2016Pedestrian Accident(0)

The term “street smart” has a couple of connotations.  In this case, New Jersey’s Street Smart campaign emphasizes a focus on pedestrians.  After all, those on foot or on bicycles are unfortun

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dwi accident attorney
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 17 2016DWI(0)

It’s an interesting question.  What if you are injured in a car crash and also accused of DWI?  What if the accident wasn’t your fault at all?  Can you make a claim?  The answer might astound

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ladder accident lawyer new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 12 2016Personal Injury(0)

It’s a given that there are some inherent risks with using ladders.  However, some ladder accidents are incomprehensible.  Although a number of incidents may occur at construction sites, others in

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swimming pool accident
Dan T. MatrafajloSeptember 5 2016Personal Injury(0)

As summertime hits and thermostats soar, one thing is certain.  It’s also the start of the season for swimming pool accidents.  Unfortunately, some may represent some very tragic injuries.  Is so

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heart-attack at work
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 29 2016Workers Compensation(0)

Be aware.  Not all heart attacks are actually considered work-related injuries.  Obviously, some can be causally related.  However, it’s not as simple as breaking your leg on the job.  Learn why

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carnival rides
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 22 2016Personal Injury(0)

Carnivals seem to pop up everywhere this time of year.  They are great fundraisers and children and adults look forward to them.  Food vendors are busy deep frying pastries.  Meat is sizzling on th

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premises liability lawyer new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 19 2016Personal Injury(0)

Injuries can be traumatic.  There’s no doubt that they can result in emotional distress.  But, just how easy is it to prove emotional distress claims?  It’s not like an elevated number will mag

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Car accident attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloAugust 16 2016Car Accidents(0)

When you are involved in a car accident, there are a lot of steps that you need to take – even if the accident may seem minor to you. Most motor vehicle accident victims mistakenly believe that if t

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