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Workers' Comp Claim
Dan T. MatrafajloFebruary 1 2017Workers Compensation(0)

You should know a few things about intoxication on the job. In particular, what happens if your employer thinks you are under the influence when you have a work-related accident? Can your workers’ c

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School Bus
Dan T. MatrafajloJanuary 23 2017Accident(0)

It might seem like there is a more frequent occurrence of bus accidents. The most recent one was in East Brunswick. According to news reports, a school bus and New Jersey Transit bus collided on Route

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Left Turn Accidents
Dan T. MatrafajloJanuary 16 2017Accident(0)

According to statistics presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 22 percent of intersection accidents involve someone making a left turn. In fact, left turn accidents r

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Slipped and Fell on Ice
Dan T. MatrafajloJanuary 13 2017Premises Liability(0)

Winter scenes in the city or the suburbs can paint a beautiful picture. However, if you’ve slipped and fallen on snow or ice, you might not appreciate the view. This is especially true if you’ve b

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personal injury
Dan T. MatrafajloJanuary 7 2017Personal Injury(0)

It’s obviously upsetting to be involved in any type of accident.  Property damage may represent an inconvenience.  However, personal injury means much more.  Second on the list from healing is al

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Distracted Driving Accidents
Dan T. MatrafajloJanuary 5 2017Accident(0)

It’s not as though it’s a big secret.  According to one source, 94% of Americans concede that distracted driving is a major cause of accidents.  Driver inattentiveness can create problems of all

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hit and run accident
Dan T. MatrafajloDecember 19 2016Accident(0)

You might have been stopped at a traffic light or a pedestrian crossing the street.  Suddenly, a car comes directly for you and strikes you.   As you wince in pain, you notice the car take off.  Y

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truck accident
Dan T. MatrafajloDecember 15 2016Accident(0)

There’s no doubt that truck accidents are usually bad ones. Unfortunately, drivers who fell asleep or were fatigued are at risk. According to a report prepared by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Ad

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fire-related injuries
Dan T. MatrafajloDecember 13 2016Burn Injury(0)

There’s no dispute that burn injuries are among the most painful. What happens when someone is injured in a fire caused by someone else’s negligence? Is it possible to bring a premise liability cl

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