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Personal Breathalyzer
Dan T. MatrafajloDecember 7 2016DWI(0)

It might seem like the perfect solution to save you from a DWI arrest. Surely it’s worth the investment to buy a personal breathalyzer. Or, is it? We will start with the obvious. You have a coupl

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Independent Medical Examinations
Dan T. MatrafajloDecember 3 2016Personal Injury(0)

Independent medicals examinations are also known by the acronym “IMEs.” But, what are they exactly? And, how do they affect your personal injury or workers’ compensation case? Some might scof

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personal injury
Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 30 2016Personal Injury(0)

It might seem like a dilemma. Perhaps you suffered prior injuries to your cervical spine. Then comes a car crash and your neck pain is beyond incredible. Should you tell your attorney about your preex

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car insurance claim
Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 28 2016Insurance(0)

Ask the average New Jersey about their car insurance policy and you’ll likely get the same answer. Just about everyone will tell you they have “full coverage”. It isn’t until someone is in acc

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workers compensation attorney new jersey
Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 23 2016Workers Compensation(0)

It’s bad enough to get hurt on the job. But what happens when your employer or their insurance company denies your workers’ compensation claim? What steps do you need to contest the denial and rec

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Safety Tips When You're Behind the Wheel
Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 18 2016Car Accidents(0)

When you’re behind the wheel, it’s crucial that you’re safe. At the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafaljo, we’ve represented a fair share of car accident victims. We’ve come up with a lis

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Inadequate Security
Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 14 2016Assaults(0)

There’s no question that some places are more dangerous than others. But, what if you were injured because of inadequate security? Is someone else to blame in addition to the perpetrators? New Je

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Prior Injuries and Your Accident Claim
Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 11 2016Car Accidents(0)

Maybe you don’t even have a car or a driver’s license. So, what exactly happens if you’re a passenger in a car crash? Who pays your medical bills? You might be surprised. Your first reaction

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Dan T. MatrafajloNovember 9 2016DWI(0)

Just about everyone knows that a DWI arrest can have serious consequences. But, could it have any impact on someone’s immigration status? After all, isn’t driving while under the influence just co

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