Can You Guess the Most Common Reasons For Motorcycle Crashes?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Jul 2016
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Quick quiz on motorcycle crashes.  What would you guess are the most common reasons for accidents? We’re sure everyone has passed some fast moving bikes on the highway and expressed concern. Obviously, every motorcycle crash isn’t the fault of its operator. In fact, that’s an interesting point.

motorcycle accidents lawyer New JerseyBikers won’t be surprised at all. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) says that motorcycle crashes are often the fault of someone else. The statistics are pretty high. Most of the time, a car’s operator is often found to be most responsible for causing very significant injuries in a motorcycle accident.

Of course, bikers may have some liability. But, it is found that motorcycle operators are keenly aware of their vulnerability. And, often err more on the side of caution. (And, yes, we know you saw some guys on bikes fly by you. They are the minority.)

Most Prevalent Sources of Motorcycle Accidents

There are a number of reasons that bikers get into motorcycles crashes. Let’s go through them and see if any apply to your situation:

  • Speed – We’ve all seen motorcyclists zipping in and out of traffic and fast rates of traffic. If you’re doing 70 mph on the Garden State Parkway and they are passing you, you have to wonder how quickly they are speeding.  They seem to maneuver back and forth between lanes of traffic. A danger, for sure.
  • Drivers Following too closely – Believe it or not, this is an uncommon accident. However, some bike accidents are caused when they are rear ended by a motor vehicle
  • Head on Collisions – Unfortunately, this is the most common type of motorcycle crash with a car. Many of these accidents result in fatalities
  • White lining – This is the process where bikers decide to create a separate lane of traffic by riding on the traffic line.  It is not permitted in New Jersey.
  • Cars Making Left Hand Turns – For some reason, motor vehicle drivers seem to miss bikers as they attempt to make left hand turns. As a result, there are a great number of motorcycle crashes caused by car operators who failed to make proper observations.
  • Road Hazards -The size of a motorcycle may make it more susceptible to potholes and other potential problems with the road surface.
  • Driving While Under the Influence – Bikers are at the same risks and obligations as other vehicle operators when it comes to operating their motorcycles while under legal limits.
  • Product Defects – Unexpected manufacturing defects with the braking system or other components of the motorcycle may lead to accidents.

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