Common Causes of Burn Injuries

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Jan 2015
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A burn is one of the most painful injuries a person can suffer. According to the American Burn Association (ABA), approximately 500,000 burn injuries are treated each year in the U.S. Although burn injuries have a 94% survival rate, these types of injuries are one of the most painful injuries an individual can live through.Burned Skin

Most of us encounter numerous potential burn hazards in the course of everyday life. While some seem obvious, others are less well-known as able to cause severe burns. If you or a loved one sustained a burn injury as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns can be one of the most dangerous and painful types of burns. Chemical burns are generally the result of a chemical coming into contact with a person’s skin. If the burn is strong enough, it can pierce the skin and go further into the underlying bone, fat or muscle.

Gasoline and Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), motor vehicle fires kill several hundred and injure several thousand victims each year. Fires are a common result of accidents. Burn injuries associated with accidents can be avoided if the victims quickly exit a burning vehicle. Furthermore, if there is smoke coming from the car, it is important not to open the hood as air could increase the severity of the fire.

Industrial Accidents

Industrial workers or people living in close proximity to industrial plants are at risk for burn injuries that may result from different accidents. Common types of industrial accidents that could result in severe burn injuries include explosions, chemical spills, and machinery defects.

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