Engineering Expert Witnesses Can Help in a Personal Injury Case

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Jun 2018
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Expert WitnessThere’s a good chance that you’re not even sure what constitutes an engineering expert witness. More than likely, you have even more confusion about how one could help your personal injury case. Truth be told, an engineering expert may be key to proving who is responsible for your injuries.

Imagine you just moved into a three-story walk-up apartment building and live on the top floor. You take for granted that the property is well-maintained and safe. You just came back from the grocery store and are carrying shopping bags. You begin walking up the stairs – unsuspecting of what will happen next.

Just as you start the climb from the second-story landing to the top floor, you trip on one of the middle steps. You slip and fall. Your packages fly from your grip and go skittering down the stairs. What happened? Since you just moved in, you didn’t notice that the stair step height is uneven.

In our continuing blog on expert witnesses, we will discuss engineering expert witnesses in personal injury cases. The use of expert witnesses by your attorney when an unfortunate personal injury arises can greatly improve your chances of successfully receiving the compensated you deserve.

Engineering Expert Witnesses Can Spot Negligence

Different types of engineers can offer expert testimony related to personal injury. To name a few, these include forensic, civil, mechanical, chemical, metallurgical, and electrical engineers,. These professionals can be called upon to present layman’s terms concerning the technical aspects of a building, property, or road’s safety, maintenance, construction, and standard of care. They can discuss features that may have contributed to a dangerous condition.

For example, many slip and fall accidents benefit from an engineer’s expert testimony to help prove a case. In order to win a slip and fall case, you have to provide convincing evidence that a property owner is negligent in constructing or maintaining a property. A property owner has a legal duty of care to keep a property safe.

An expert forensic engineer can visit the site of your accident and inspect the conditions that caused your fall. If a stair step is too high or irregularly placed, an expert professional engineer will be able to spot that the stair dimensions do not meet specific building codes. Further, an engineer can identify if handrails are faulty or a handicap ramp is poorly constructed. Furthermore, an engineering expert can offer an opinion on whether a walking surface does not comply with safety standards, drainage is improper, or a downward slope is causing a surface to refreeze melted snow to ice.

Meanwhile, a mechanical engineer could be needed to evaluate deficiencies in machinery or leakage from plumbing, HVAC, or refrigeration systems. Additionally, a civil engineer could explain a defective and hazardous roadway, while chemical engineers could explain the cause of an explosion in a factory. A metallurgical engineer could provide a corrosion analysis to prove the reasons an injury victim’s car brakes failed, and an electrical engineer can investigate and determine the causes of a fire and equipment failures.

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