Ergonomic Work Injuries

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Feb 2013
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Work Injury AttorneyThe workplace has long been recognized for its many dangers. Accidents involving falls, machinery, and chemical spills are among the more overt and immediate for which a New Jersey work injury lawyer sees clients. Only recently have ergonomic injuries begun to receive attention.

What Are Ergonomics?

The term “ergonomics” comes from the Greek word for work, ergon. Ergonomics is a study of how the physical needs of the worker and work setting conform to one another. There are many types of ergonomic injuries, but the common element involves prolonged exposure or use. In part because New Jersey work injury lawyers often assist those hurt on the job in claims, employers are increasingly trying to find ways of modifying work conditions to prevent injury such as finding out how much is a industrial keyboard costs to help with typing.

Among the more common causes of ergonomic injuries are:

  • Repetitive motion, especially of the hands, wrists, and arms
  • Office furniture and equipment that is unpadded or poorly maintained
  • Long-term poor posture or awkward body positioning
  • Exposure to temperature extremes
  • Frequent lifting
  • Loud noise from machinery
  • Poor lighting

Common Ergonomic Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries such as Carpal tunnel syndrome involve tears to muscle fibers and tissues. Workers may suffer injury to the eyes from poor lighting, diminished hearing from exposure to loud machines, and neck and back injuries from lifting or even sitting awkwardly.

If You Have Been Injured

If you are hurt on the job, you would do well to seek the assistance of a New Jersey work injury lawyer. Dan Matrafajlo is an experienced lawyer who will fight to help you gain compensation. Call 908-248-4404 today to arrange a free consultation.

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