Factors Affecting Trial Date of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Oct 2013
  • Personal Injury,
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Personal Injury AttorneyA popular question that our New Jersey personal injury lawyers often encounter by clients is when their case will go to trial. Although your attorney may be able to give an approximate date, the actual date your case will go to trial generally depends on various factors.

Below are some factors that both the court clerk and the opposing attorneys will consider when scheduling trial dates:

  • The specific facts of the case.
  • Whether the injured parties have completed their medical treatment.
  • The number of cases currently pending trial in the particular jurisdiction where the case is filed.
  • The availability of judges to preside over the case.
  • The type of calendar that is set up at the court where the case has been filed.
  • The availability of the both attorneys to try the case.

Although each of these factors may affect when your case ultimately goes to trial, it is the judge of the court in which your action is assigned to who will have the final say as to when you will start trial. And it is typical for judges to schedule a date far in advance in the hopes that your New Jersey personal injury lawyer will be able to settle the case and avoid trial altogether.

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