Factors That Suggest Fraud in a Roselle Car Accident Claim

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Feb 2012
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Car Accident LawyerIf the claims representative suspects that a car accident claim is fraudulent, the claims representative can refer the case to the insurance company’s Special Investigation Unit, or SIU. Fraud is defined as the misrepresentation of a material fact, on which others rely, to induce another party to act on the misrepresentation, with harm resulting because of the misrepresentation. To prevent your case from finding its way into this investigative unit, your Roselle car accident lawyer will caution you regarding what facts may cause your case to raise suspicion.

First, if you are unable to provide valid identification, or you do not have a valid address, the claims representative may feel as though you are hiding something, and may launch a SIU investigation regarding your claim. In addition, if you were experiencing extreme financial distress prior to the accident, the claims representative may have a suspicion that the claim is in response to your financial conditions, and not in response to any injuries suffered due to the accident. Also, if inconsistencies exist between your lifestyle and the income you report on your claim, the claims representative may wonder what you are hiding and whether your claim is part of an elaborate scheme to defraud the insurance company.

If you have any questions about the meaning of fraud, or what an investigation by the SIU entails, ask your Roselle car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Lying on an insurance claim may cause you to forfeit your ability to recover damages for your injury.

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