Five Ways Technology is Causing Automobile Accidents

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Apr 2016
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Remember when drivers got behind the wheel and didn’t worry about gadgets? Yes, technology. A good thing. Unfortunately, it can be a bad thing. Learn these five ways that technology can cause automobile accidents. Perhaps you know more of your own.

1. Cellular Phones
Cell phones aren’t just used for making phone calls. Many people think of them as mini-computers. There’s also the issue of distracted driving. Cellphones or other handheld devices are a true problem. The National Safety Council reports that the national number of accidents related to cellphone use is close to 2M. Wow!

2. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Devices
We’re not sure if using paper maps was a better way of getting you to your location. However, GPS devices sometimes offer flawed directions. Their instructions could include sending you over a highway median. Of course, we suggest exhibiting caution when listening to the GPS. In fairness, we can’t help but share this video gone viral. It features two children who were quite upset when the GPS said “Bear right”. Can you guess their fear? See below:

3. Radar Detectors
Not many people use radar detectors. We have a feeling that they may be somewhat obsolete. Radar detectors are legal in New Jersey provided that they are not radio jammers. The issue is that fuzz busters (their slang reference) give drivers a false sense of security. They figure it is acceptable to breeze at excess speeds. Is the object to drive safely or avoid a ticket?

4. Push Buttons Ignitions
If you have a newer vehicle, you may not even have to insert a key to start your car. As long as your key fob is on hand, you can drive away. The problem may come when you exit your vehicle. People have actually died because they forgot to turn off the car when they pulled into an attached garage. Perhaps the step of removing the key from the ignition is a good reminder. Otherwise, there is the threat of accidental death when house occupants are overcome by carbon monoxide.

5. Blind Spot Warning Systems
We’re not picking on any particular car manufacturer, but we want to make sure you understand blind spot warning systems.
These clever devices are based on sensors. They can be part of a vehicle at the time of purchase, or installed aftermath. The problem with them is obvious. Technology isn’t always perfect. You can easily think no one is in your blind spot. More than one crash has occurred because someone relied on this technology.

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The foregoing are just some of the many types of technology that have added to vehicle enhancements. Unfortunately, they all have contributed to automobile accidents. If you have been hurt in a car crash, the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafaljo would like to help you. Contact us for an appointment.

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