How to Get the Highest Possible Valuation of Your Claim From Colossus

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue Mar 2014
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Personal Injury AttorneyMany insurance companies bypass the need for the individual evaluation of their injury claims by using a computer software program called Colossus. The main goal of insurance carriers in using Colossus, or other case evaluation software, is to increase their profits by reducing the size of their personal injury claims payouts.

However, just because the insurance company handling your claim is using Colossus, it does not mean that you are stuck with getting less than your case is worth. Below are some things you can do to receive the highest possible evaluation of your personal injury claim with Colossus:

– Report all of your medical complaints to your treating physician so that it can be                  recorded in your medical records.

– Upon the completion of your medical treatment, review your medical records to make      sure it is complete and reflective of your complaints, diagnoses, treatments and any            medications you took.

– In the event that your medical records are incomplete, you should request your                    physician to prepare a narrative report including, among other things, the following            important information:

  • A detailed history of your injuries from the subject accident.
  • All of your complaints related to this accident.
  • A detailed statement of all the treatment you received.
  • Any medications prescribed for your medical conditions.
  • Whether you suffered any permanent injuries.
  • Whether you suffered any total or partial disability, and if so, all the relevant details.
  • Your treating physician’s opinion regarding the extent and frequency of your level of pain.
  • Whether you will need future medical treatment.

In some cases, your doctor may charge a fee for the preparation of this report. However, it may be money well spent if it adds value to your personal injury claim.

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