Have Things Improved at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Aug 2012
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A reminder of the unfortunate death that occurred five years ago of Sabrina Seelig, 22, has raised a question regarding the level of care at hospitals in general, but specifically at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center.

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Ms. Seelig’s Story

Back in 2007, Sabrina Seelig took a dose of Ephedra (a stimulant diet drug banned by the FDA), along with a few beers and an herbal sleep remedy during an all-night study session.  She contacted 911 after she started to feel sick, stating to them that she might have poisoned herself.

Seelig was eventually taken to the hospital; however, it was there that things progressively worsened.  Although she was given some anti-nausea drugs and two doses of a strong sedative by an emergency room physician, there was no further action taken on her for over three hours.  By the time Ms. Seelig was finally “rediscovered” in a hospital overflow area, she was foaming at the mouth and her heart was racing; and later that evening, it was determined that she had brain damage and she was put on life support.

Has Wyckoff Done Anything to Keep This From Happening Again?

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center’s new chief executive, Dr. Ramon Rodriguez, has said that there have been several improvements made since 2007, all of which he believes would prevent a similar tragedy from happening again. For example, the use of electronic medical records has been implemented so that physicians and nurses will be required to document things such as vital signs.  Additionally, the number of emergency room staff has been increased, and Dr. Rodriguez also noted that a better monitoring system has been put in place to watch the flow of patients so that they can be put in beds and taken out of overflow areas much quicker.

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