How Does Negligent Security Become a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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Personal Injury lawsuitWhen you enter another person’s home or business, you don’t think you are going to be vandalized or become the victim of a crime. However, such situations are unforeseeable tragedies that happen to unsuspecting people. Unfortunately, most of these tragic occurrences can be prevented with adequate or proper security at a premise.

The Lack of Proper Security

Lets say you’re at a movie that gets out late. You exit the theater and proceed through the parking lot to your car. Due to the poor lighting, you do not notice the stranger lingering around your car. Unsuspectingly, you walk to your car and just before you have an opportunity to get in, someone grabs you from the behind. There’s a struggle and your attacker violently throws you to the ground, breaking your leg. You feel violated and are injured. If only there was proper lighting, you may have noticed the assailant and headed back towards the theater. In other words, this tragic scene could have been prevented had the property owner taken certain precautionary measures.
When something like this occurs, you may have a case against the movie theater for negligent security. This means that the owner of the property where you were attacked may be legally liable for failing to protect you or place you in a dangerous situation.

Different Types of Negligent Security Claims

There are many types of negligent security cases. Some of the most common include cases such as:
– Security guard negligence
– Insufficient lighting in dangerous areas
– Failure to monitor security cameras
– Failure to install locks, alarms or cameras
Furthermore, negligent security claims can involve a variety of crimes, the most common examples including:
– Rape and sex crimes
– Robbery
– Assault and battery
– Injuries caused by fights in bars and restaurants that fail to provide adequate security
– Kidnapping
– Murder

Injuries Sustained By Victims of Negligent Security

Typically, negligent security cases can result in serious injuries, such as:
– Broken or fractured bones
– Head or brain trauma
– Neck and back injuries
– Emotional distress
– Death
If you or your New Jersey negligent security attorney can successfully prove your claim, you may be entitled to compensation for your past and future medical damages, loss of wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, emotional distress and any other costs related to the incident.

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