How Insurance Adjusters Evaluate Personal Injury Claims

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Fri Sep 2013
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Personal Injury LawyersHow an insurance adjuster values your personal injury will define how much monetary compensation you will ultimately receive and whether you will settle or proceed to litigation. Although adjusters simply consider the objective factors during the evaluation process, the facts can be manipulated into your favor by how your New Jersey accident lawyer handles your claim.

Below are examples of some factors that insurance adjusters will look at during their evaluation process:

Medical Bill

Insurance adjusters are generally trained not to pay large claims if they believe that your medical bills have been unnecessary. In order to avoid this, we recommend that you select your own doctor and get a second opinion or an opinion of a certified specialist to approve or confirm any expensive treatments.

Future Medical Expenses

In order for an adjuster to properly account for your future medical expenses, our New Jersey accident lawyers will provide the adjuster with detailed evaluation from all of your treating physicians as to your likely future medical expenses during settlement talks.

Loss of Income

If you have loss of income as a result of the personal injuries you sustained during the accident, we will get all of the necessary verification documents from your employer as well as your doctors’ written reports stating the length of time you were disabled and unable to work. Without these important documents, the adjuster will not be able to properly account for your loss of wages when evaluating your personal injury claim.

Future Loss of Income

Loss of future earnings is another important factor that the adjuster needs to consider in evaluating your claim.  Future loss of wages may include less earning potential, future medical expenses, and any leave of absence you will need to take as a result of your injuries.

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