Injury Claims for Shopping Accidents

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue Apr 2015
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We want to make the title of this blog clear. When we speak about injury claims for shopping accidents, we are not talking about inadvertently purchasing two right shoes. Rather, we are speaking about personal injury matters. If you sustained injury in any kind of store, it is important for you to document your claim.Family In Supermarket

Types of Shopping Accidents

Although the most common accident claims involving shopping are related to slip and fall incidents, there are other types of accidents that may occur as customers visit a store to shop. These include:

  • Shopping cart accidents: According to a Washington Post article, a staggering 24,000 children are hurt annually while in shopping carts. The majority of injuries are related to children falling from the shopping carts. Children are not the only victims of receiving injuries when shopping carts are propelled into them. Although some of these circumstances may be the result of improper supervision, there may be other reasons for this type of accident. This could include improper design by the manufacturer. Depending on the damages, this type of case may be worthy of investigation.
  • Injuries from falling objects: The store owner bears responsibility for ensuring that items are properly stored as you walk through their premises. If you sustain injuries when something substantial falls on your person, you may wish to consider a claim for damages.
  • Parking Lot Injuries: If you were injured in a store’s parking lot, you will want to make note of the circumstances. The parties that control the parking lot may have a duty to you to maintain your safety.
  • Injuries sustained from Overcrowding: Occupancy limits are posted in most public cases. Consider issues with trampling scenarios during special sales. If you are injured in such circumstances, your case should be reviewed for possible compensation.

Steps to take for Shopping Accident Injuries

If you are injured in a shopping accident, we recommend the following steps, regardless of the extend of your initial pain:

  • Obtain contact information for anyone who witnessed your accident
  • Take photographs of the conditions that caused your injuries
  • Insist on an Incident Report, and make sure to obtain the names of all employees who are made aware of your accident
  • Take photographs! A picture speaks volumes.
  • Seek appropriate medical attention
  • Secure the advice of an attorney who specializes in personal injury

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