Is The Insurance Company Watching Your Every Move?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue Apr 2014
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Personal Injury Attorney Insurance company adjusters may use various tools to watch personal injury claimants to determine the validity of their claim and make sure they are as injured as they claim to be. Two common ways that insurance adjusters “watch” claimants is through social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) and by hiring private investigators.

Using Insurance Surveillance as Evidence

Once the insurance adjusters have collected the information they need by “watching” their claimants, they will use this evidence to:

–          Attack the credibility of the claimant by showing the level of injuries is less than actually claimed.

–          Demonstrate that the claimant has made a total recovery and there is no need to continue treatment.

–          Drive down the value of the personal injury claim.

–          Use it as a leverage tool during both negotiation and trial, if the case reaches the point of litigation.

The bottom line is that you need to be careful of your every move. If you are suspicious that the insurance company is watching you, you should immediately consult your personal injury attorney for additional advice.

New Jersey Law Regarding Insurance Company Surveillance

It is normal for personal injury claimants to complain of invasion of privacy once they find out the insurance company has been watching them. However, regardless of how the claimant “feels,” New Jersey courts have held that when an individual files a personal injury claim, they should expect the insurance company to investigate the extent and credibility of their claim, even if this involves hiring a private investigator.

What To Do If You Suspect Insurance Company Surveillance

While your personal injury attorney may not be able to prevent the insurance company from using different tools to watch you, he can advise you as to what you should do if you suspect that the insurance company is watching you. Below are some important tips:

–          Do nothing different from what you normally would do

–          Engage in whatever activities your injuries allow

–          Try to go on with your life as if the surveillance is not happening

–          Try not to exaggerate your injuries

–          Make sure you are following any recommendations provided by your treating physicians

–          Immediately contact your personally injury attorney

Being watched may be nerve wrecking. However, as long as you follow your treating doctors’ orders and stay within your limitations, there should be nothing that the adjuster can record or find out about you that would be of any use to them.

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