Insurance Surveillance in Personal Injury Claims: You May Be Watched Even If You Don’t Know It!

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Fri Aug 2013
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New Jersey Personal Injury AttorneyIn high value personal injury claims, it is normal practice for the insurance company to instruct private investigators to perform surveillance on the claimant to determine the validity of the claim. In other words, the insurance company may get video surveillance of you to determine whether you or your personal injury attorney in New Jersey has been exaggerating the extent of your injuries.

The Main Uses of Insurance Surveillance Evidence

Some of the main uses of insurance surveillance evidence in New Jersey personal injury claims include:

  • Attacking your credibility by showing that your injuries are less severe than those stated in your claim
  • Showing that you have made a better recovery from your physical injuries and are no longer disabled or in pain, as you claim
  • Showing that you have been working
  • Showing that you have been undertaking leisure activities or carrying heavy items, despite your claimed limitations

What Are Your Rights Under New Jersey Law?

Although most claimants feel that the insurance company is invading their privacy by hiring an investigator to perform surveillance, the law has concluded otherwise. New Jersey courts have held that when an individual files a personal injury claim, they should expect the liability carrier to investigate their claim either by their own employees or by another surveillance company at their direction.

We understand how frustrating this may be.  Although we cannot prevent the insurance company from performing surveillance, we can provide you with advice to deal with and prevent it from affecting your ability to recover the maximum compensation that you can seek in your personal injury claim.

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