Long-Duration Heavy Lifting

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Jan 2012
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In a previous post, we discussed the dangers of unsafely lifting heavy objects and the potential for back and spinal injuries New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney can advise you if your employer is encouraging unsafe working conditions or practices. These are some other concerns that construction or electrical workers might have about their lifting methods.

Long-duration lifting is of particular concern, since holding items for a long period of time puts strain on the back and shoulder and can deprive the muscles there of nutrients. Repetitive and frequent exertion of a particular muscle, such as by pulling wire, can create muscle fatigue that demands adequate recuperation. Employers can help prevent workplace injuries by providing stands or mechanical lifting devices to hold large awkward materials in place while fastening them, instead of having workers manually hold them in place for lengthy periods. Employers should also have employees take regular breaks and rests to allow their muscles time to recuperate and prevent fatigue. When employers don’t take these precautionary measures and workers are injured, New Jersey workers’ compensation attorneys may help the injured employee get benefits.

Another common problem is the lack of adequate handholds on heavy objects, forcing employees to bend down and lift objects away from the body. This increases the load on the back and spine. Workers should utilize proper handholds, such as handles or cut-out holes, and ensure they are big enough to accommodate gloved hands. Suction devices and personal protective equipment can also make lifting such objects easier.

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