Mechanical Issues and Car Crashes

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Dec 2014
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Most automobile accidents are caused by driver negligence or road conditions. However, some car crashes can be attributed to mechanical issues. Recently, the news reported on a fatal accident involving a popular North Brunswick teacher. There are indications that the decedent may have swerved to avoid hitting a deer. However, authorities are also investigating whether there were mechanical issues with the late teacher’s vehicle.Overturned Sport Utility Vehicle

There were concerns that the decedent’s Ford Edge became instantly engulfed in fire. Certain models of the Ford Edge have been recalled because of issues with fuel leaks that could result in fire. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) has assumed the investigation of this particular vehicle. They will seek to determine if mechanical issues played a role in the vehicle catching fire.

The NHTSA is the federal agency overseeing motor vehicle safety. They maintain a list of all recalls and defects related to the safe operation of vehicles. The NHTSA also collects data regarding accidents and researches safety issues.

Recalls and Defects

The term “mechanical issues” encompasses a wide variety of problems. It does not only apply to new vehicles or manufacturer’s defects. Notwithstanding, vehicle owners can check here to see if there is a recall or defect associated with their vehicle. The Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”) is the only information needed to search for possible recalls and defects.

Improper Maintenance

In order to operate a vehicle safely, it is important to maintain it properly. Mechanical issues can include brakes that fail because they are faulty.   Car crashes also occur because a motorist does not replace bald tires. An accident may also happen because of engine malfunctions.

Involved in a Car Crash?

Whether your accident is due to mechanical issues or some other factor, it is important to seek experienced legal advice. The law offices of Beninato and Matrafajlo will review the circumstances of your accident and provide you with an expert opinion. Contact us to set up a meeting as soon as possible.

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