You Might be Shocked by these Distracted Driving Accidents

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Jan 2017
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Distracted Driving AccidentsIt’s not as though it’s a big secret.  According to one source, 94% of Americans concede that distracted driving is a major cause of accidents.  Driver inattentiveness can create problems of all types.  However, you might be shocked on this twist on distracted driving accidents.

Not sure what constitutes distracted driving?  Take a look at the article we wrote on the subject.  A variety of actions come under the heading.  Some distracted drivers find it appropriate to text and drive.  Others are busy putting on makeup behind the wheel.  Although those who use hands-free devices to talk on the phone aren’t legally in trouble, they too may have issues.  The list goes on as to activities that divert drivers from the task before them.  That is, safely operating their vehicles.

Real Distracted Driving Accidents

Let’s first talk about cellphones as a major distraction.  You already know the basic complaints.  You can get sidetracked when you are dialing or conversing with someone.  Admit it.  You may have even missed a turn or an exit because you became engrossed in a fascinating dialogue.

According to news reports, a young man’s attempts to reach his mobile device caused him to crash into a building.  Unfortunately, the phone slipped from his grasp and lodged under the accelerator.  As a result, he sped around a curve and could not slow down.  Fortunately, no one was injured in that accident.

Then there are the cases of people who attempt to catch up on their reading while behind the wheel.  That didn’t work well for one out of state driver.  He somehow veered off the road and into a tree.  His passenger sustained severe injuries.

One tragic accident is portrayed in a video featured on a national government website.  It features this troublesome footage regarding a young man who lost his life a mile from his residence.  He was busy videotaping on his way home.  You can view the video here:

Alarmingly, it appears that distracted and reckless driving are the number one killers of young people.  Accidents involving distracted driving can result in fatalities or serious injuries.  If the driver survives, they will most likely feel guilty about injuries they cause to others.

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