Motorists Found Responsible for Most Bicycle Accidents

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue May 2019
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It’s not just that size matters. There’s no doubt that all vehicles carry more weight and speed than even the fanciest of bikes. However, that’s not the only reason that motorists cause the most bicycle accidents.

For starters, it could have something to do with how automobile drivers view cyclists. The authors of a recent article suggest that motorists tend to act hostile towards those on bicycles. What does this mean exactly?

If you enjoy riding your bicycle, it may be something you’ve experienced. You follow all the rules and practically hug the curb. However, you can’t help but notice more than a few cars come entirely too close.

You thank your lucky stars for the number of near misses. That is until it happens. You’re stunned as you feel a small pick-up graze you. If you were in a car, it would be the equivalent of side-swiping your vehicle. However, you’re on a bicycle.

Apparently, the guy in the pick-up doesn’t realize it’s against the law to drive so closely to those on bikes. To make it worse, he takes off and doesn’t even stop to see if you’re okay.

Thankfully, someone pulls over and stops to help you. It turns out the kind person was also able to catch the license plate of the vehicle that struck you. Your wait for emergency services and the police to respond.

A random accident? Unfortunately, bike crashes of this kind happen all the time. Meanwhile, you might wonder about the rest of the story when it comes to these types of incidents.

Bicycle Accidents: The Causes

As a cyclist, you’re keenly aware of the risks you take every time you hop on your bike. Even though the law doesn’t require helmets for those over 17, you may decide to wear one. You take every precaution possible.
In our example, the pick-up driver took off after striking the accident victim. Some of the common reasons for hit and run accidents involving cyclists include:

• The motor vehicle operator was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Driver was texting or otherwise driving while distracted
• Motorist did not have a valid license

Of course, sheer panic could account for someone leaving the scene of the accident. Depending on the circumstances, they could worry about facing criminal charges, such as death by auto or assault by auto.
Bicycle accidents frequently occur at intersections, whether they are controlled by signs or traffic signals. More often than not, it’s that the motorist failed to notice the person riding the bicycle. Meanwhile, this can be especially troublesome during the evening hours.

As you may know, some use bicycles to commute to work. In cities like Elizabeth, it’s not common to see a cyclist leaving a restaurant after dark.

Unfortunately, the sheer force of a collision between a motor vehicle and bicycle often results in serious personal injuries. Truth be told, several bicycle crashes prove fatal.

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