My Child Was Involved In a Car Accident, What Do I Do?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Apr 2013
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Children have a right to a safe and healthy upbringing. As a parent or caregiver, we do everything we can to protect them. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for a child to fall victim to the negligent driving of another individual and suffer extensive injuries as a result. There are insurance companies near me that might able to compensate you if you are ever involved in an accident.

If your child has been involved in a car accident and has suffered personal injuries, you need to hire a New Jersey car accident attorney.

Car Accidents Involving Children Are Common

Child injuries caused by car accidents are far more common than they should be. In fact, car accidents are the leading cause of preventable death for young children between the ages of 2 and 14 in the United States. An average of 694 children are injured in motor vehicle accidents every day.

You Need to Hire a Lawyer

One of the most important steps you need to take if your child has been involved in a car accident is to hire a New Jersey car accident attorney who specifically handles these types of claims. Due to their size and age, children generally suffer more extensive injuries in car accidents than adults. As such, you need to hire a lawyer who will aggressively fight to get the maximum compensation your child deserves for the injuries he or she has suffered. If you are located in Texas, it might be ideal to contact a local law firm. If this of use to you then you may want to visit

In addition to suffering from injuries from the car accident itself, a child can also sustain additional injuries from a defective car seat. If your child was in a car seat during the car accident and suffered additional injuries, your New Jersey car accident attorney will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case to put together an additional claim against the negligent car seat manufacturer, if applicable.

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