Need to Know Information about Swimming Pool Accidents

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Sep 2016
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swimming pool accidentAs summertime hits and thermostats soar, one thing is certain.  It’s also the start of the season for swimming pool accidents. Unfortunately, some may represent some very tragic injuries.  Is someone responsible?

Garrett Johnstone doesn’t like to talk about the accident that put him in a wheelchair. He was at a friend’s house and decided to dive into the pool. There were no signs warning him not to dive in. Neither his friend nor his wife warned him that the pool wasn’t deep enough.

Apparently, it wasn’t. When Garrett dove in, his head hit the hard concrete. He really doesn’t remember anything after that.  He was in the hospital for several months. Garrett underwent intensive physical therapy. Garrett’s neck was broken.  As a result, it’s unlikely the young man will ever walk again. His legs and part of his torso are paralyzed.

Sad story, we admit. Unfortunately, it’s one that happens every day once swimming pools are accessible. Garrett will tell you that he would have preferred not to sue his friend.  But, he is very worried about his limitations.

Swimming Pool Accident Liability

We gave you Garrett’s case as an example. Maybe he should have checked the depth of the pool to see if it was safe to dive in. However, owners of swimming pools have some safety responsibilities. The same may be true for pool manufacturers, distributors and installers. Obviously, every circumstance is different. Here are some issues an experienced personal injury lawyer will address when considering a swimming pool accident claim:

  • Who owned the swimming pool?  (If it is owned by a public entity such as the ones operated by Union County, the attorney will need to put the County on notice within ninety days)
  • Was the pool properly secured so that children or other outsiders could not access it?
  • Were their signs warning of pool dangers?
  • Was a lifeguard negligent in watching those in the pool?
  • Were there manufacturing designs or defects that caused the accident?
  • Was the pool properly maintained and repaired?

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Some swimming pool accidents can be fatal.  As personal injury attorneys, the Law Offices of Beninato & Matrafaljo has many years of experience handling these types of cases.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident, we encourage you to contact us for assistance.

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