New York Hospitals Use Hidden Database to Cover Up Thousands of Mistakes

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Sep 2012
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New York Hospitals - DM LawyerA local news team has recently learned that various New York hospitals have been hiding thousands of medical mistakes and other issues from the public in a particular database.  To be specific, the New York State Health Department has disclosed that since 2007, many hospitals have secretly reported well over 40,000 “adverse events,” to include surgeries that were done on an incorrect patient or those that were done in an incorrect place on a patient’s body, omissions of treatment, and unexpected deaths.  A review of the hospital profiles showed that only a small portion of those incidents were reported.

What is Required Under the Law?

The laws of New York permit hospitals to report such “adverse events” via a program that is known as the New York Patient Occurrence Reporting and Tracking System (NYPORTS).; however, the public is prohibited from accessing such reports.  For instance, issues ranging from bad C-Sections to unexplained deaths have been reported through NYPORTS; yet, the details of each of these events have been kept in confidence from the general public.

Additionally, it should be noted that the NYS Health Department’s website makes no mention of the unexplained deaths, despite the fact that they were specifically noted as deaths “in circumstances other than those related to the natural course of illness, disease or proper treatment (e.g., delay in treatment, diagnosis or an omission of care).”

Contact an Attorney if You Have Questions or Concerns

Even though the law does limit the release of information regarding certain medical errors that get reported via NYPORTS, a request has been made of the Health Department to circulate stats on a yearly basis that specifically detail the total amount of hospital mistakes and problems.

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