Should You See an Attorney for a Swimming Accident?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Fri Jun 2017
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It’s summertime, and the hot weather suggests that many will be looking for some reprieve. For some, that means taking a dip in a public or privately owned pool. For others, plans will include a trip to the shore or a local lake. It’s all wonderful until someone gets hurt.What should you do if you are injured in a swimming accident? Or, if a loved one drowns or suffers some other fatal accident?
Swimming Pool Accident

You might be surprised by some statistics involving drowning accidents. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people whose deaths were related to drowning is quite high. Drowning is listed as the third top cause of unintentional deaths worldwide.

How prevalent is drowning in the United States? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that ten people die of accidental drowning each day. And, they also list drowning as the fifth leading cause of unintentional deaths nationwide.

All things considered, not all swimming accidents result in fatalities. However, that does not mean that some serious injuries do not arise as a result of diving or some other water-related activity. Here are some examples of additional harm that can come from swimming accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken bones
  • Severe lacerations
  • Electrocution
  • Spinal injuries

Can a claim be made against anyone as a result of injuries or death caused by a swimming accident? It depends. Consequently, your best course of action is to review the circumstances of the incident with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Was Someone Else at Fault?

In order to assert a claim for a swimming pool accident, someone other than the injured party must be found more than fifty percent at fault for the incident. What types of acts would be viewed as negligence for this kind of case?

For starters, there’s the possibility that the owner of a swimming pool did not properly fence off the area. As such, it could be perceived as an attractive nuisance.

In some municipalities, there are not just regulations concerning restrictions on access. There may also be requirements regarding the necessity for lifeguards.

Unfortunately, diving accidents are also a major issue when it comes to swimming facilities. It could be that a diving board malfunctions or breaks. In some scenarios, an individual may dive into shallow water marked at a deeper depth.

Improperly maintained pools may also lead to severe water accidents. In fact, some electrocution accidents have been related to pool lights. An electrical shock may throw someone into unconsciousness.

Be that as it may, every swimming accident has a unique set of circumstances. Most will require a thorough investigation to determine liability.

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