What Should You Do if You Have Suffered a Neck Injury?

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One of the most commonly injured parts of the human body is the neck. It may get injured after severe shock, for instance in an auto accident. This is because of the presence of soft tissue. A neck injury can lead to neurological damage in worst cases and it can also affect the mobility of the victim. Compensation can also be provided to the neck injury victim, especially if the injury resulted from any neglectful or deliberate act of another or a dangerous or faulty product. You can work with your attorney or the responsible person’s insurance company to get the right compensation for your trail.

Neck injury

Medical Steps to Take

Whiplash is the most common injury that occurs after an automobile accident. Whiplash is an injury of the neck that results from uncontrolled whipping of the neck back and forth. This whipping hurts the soft tissue of the neck.

Symptoms of neck injury include.

  • Headaches (that may be present at the top of the neck or at the base of your skull)
  • Feeling of being sensationless in one or both the arms
  • Movement of the neck aggravates the pain
  • Vision becomes blurry

There are symptoms other than these that may also be present. Some injuries of the neck may not appear immediately but days or hours after the accident, like a disc injury. After any injury of the neck, medical help should be sought for and followed. Medical checkup is important because it also shows that you assessed your health immediately after the accident.

Legal Steps to Take

Injury to the soft tissue of the neck can’t be seen easily with medical tests like the MRIs or X-rays. Affidavits or expert testimony can be used as alternative statements that may hold up better in court. Insurance companies do not believe the injury claim even when there is supporting evidence available. If the plaintiff can’t provide convincing evidence that the injury is because of the defendant’s fault, then the value of the case goes down considerably. In such a case, the plaintiff will be more inclined to accept a low settlement even if the potential damages are high. The affidavits and expert testimony can prove critical in dealing with insurance companies as well. The insurance company’s court costs lesser when the settlements are quick. So, being aggressive would be in the interest of the insurance company’s court. Hiring an experienced attorney will help you avoid this.

The victim will be entitled to compensation if the neck injury caused to him/her is due to the negligence of another. There is a wide range of neck injuries ranging from minor strains and sprains, to neck fractures or whiplash. The compensation required in a neck injury insurance settlement depends upon the severity and the duration of the treatment required for the injury. Most insurance companies base their settlement value on the nature and the cost of treatment required by the injury. If a neck injury requires spinal fusion or some type of surgery, it will require a larger compensation from the defendant in the settlement than a strained neck injury that only requires a brace as treatment.

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