That Slip Slidin’ Away Feeling: What Can You Do?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Feb 2016
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We admit it. The Paul Simon hit “Slip Slidin’ Away”, appears to have nothing to do with driving in adverse weather conditions. Nonetheless, the weekend’s storms have left many with that slip slidin’ away feeling. What can you do to prevent an accident?

Some Cold Facts

Let’s start with some cold facts. The Associated Press reports that at least 31 people were killed as a result of Winter Storm Jonas. New Jersey’s two victims were a mother and child. They were seated in a running car, presumably to seek warmth. Unfortunately, the vehicle’s tailpipe was buried in the snow, which allowed carbon monoxide to overtake the occupants. A second child is in the hospital in serious condition.

Accidents of all types can happen during winter weather. The NOAA, National Weather Service Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services compiles statistical data concerning weather related injuries and deaths. In 2014, there were over 900 deaths nationwide that occurred as a result of winter related accidents. The volume of reported injuries associated with car accidents in bad weather is an astounding number.

bad weather driving tips

Drivers: Be Aware

Believe it or not, some motor vehicle accidents can be avoided. Of course, the first way to circumvent slipping and sliding means staying off the roads when there is inclement weather. Although this may be mandated during an actual blizzard, it is often not feasible during the aftermath of the storm. People have jobs, children need to attend school, and the list just continues with obligations. What can vehicle operators do to lessen their risk of a weather-related accident? We suggest the following:

  • As much as possible, stick to major highways. They are often the first to be plowed and salted.
    Slow and steady wins this particular race. Do not be in a hurry to get in an accident.
    Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
    Take extra precautions on bridges. They freeze quickly and may cause slick roadways.
    Make sure your vehicle is in good shape. Check the brakes and tires, as well as visibility from you windshield.
    Pay attention. Distracted driving is often a contributor to bad weather accidents.

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