The Truth Behind Workers’ Compensation Fraud

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Oct 2011
  • Workers Compensation,
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Worker Compensation Attorney One of the main excuses that insurance companies use to give you the runaround is the thread of workers’ compensation fraud. They may say that they are justified in being resistant to paying your claim because of this threat.

However, the fact is that workers’ compensation fraud is far, far less common than the insurance companies claim. In fact, workers’ compensation fraud appears to make up less than 2 percent of all workers’ comp claims, a figure that has been verified by independent studies.

An article published by the Workers Injury Law and Advocacy Group has provided some surprising statistics regarding the issue. Only 178 out of the 54,854 claims filed in the state of Florida in 2005 were fraudulent. Of those instances of fraud, 130 were committed by employers rather than employee claimants. Of the 66,469 workers’ compensation claims filed in Kansas in 2006, only 80 of them were investigated for fraud, and 89% of accusations of fraud were against employers.

Also, consider that the state of Tennessee has collected over $300,000 in fraud-related penalties from workers’ compensation insurance carriers and employers. In addition, 25-30% of companies in New York are not purchasing workers’ compensation insurance, which is dictated by that state’s law.

If you are making a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey, do not accept the insurance company’s excuses when it refuses to deal fairly with you. An experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney can fight for you and make sure you get the settlement you deserve. Call New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney Dan T. Matrafajlo today for a free initial consultation.

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