The use of a Biomechanical Expert in a tractor trailer or car crash discussed

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Thu Mar 2020
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Car AccidentTypically, a Biomechanical Expert renders an opinion on the force of an impact between two vehicles and its affect upon the occupants. A Biomechanical Expert tends to be trained in the field of biomechanical engineering.

Biomechanical experts’ field of expertise tend to overlap experts trained in accident reconstruction. In fact, sometimes its prudent upon an injured party to retain both experts to work together.

Examples of the practical uses of a biomechanical expert in a car or tractor trailer accident, are as follows:
• Use of Biomechanical expert to disprove a victim’s claim of injury in a low speed collision.
• A trucking collision could have resulted in various injuries to the plaintiff under certain delta forces.
• Decision to suddenly changing lanes on the parkway from a dead stop, can injuries ensue given car went “underneath” truck lifting truck off the ground.
• Biomechanical Expert offered to show causation of injuries when disputed by defense.
• Can moderate property damage to a vehicle result in serious injuries.

In New Jersey you must carefully in selecting a Biomechanical Expert because courts tend to exercise extreme caution in allowing such testimony. See, Suanez v. Egeland, 353 N.J. Super. 191, 201–02, 801 A.2d 1186 (App. Div. 2002) (court found no reliable scientific foundation in bio-mechanical studies for an expert opinion that a low-impact automobile accident cannot cause a herniated lumbar disc or other serious injury).

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