Top Reasons for Car Accidents

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Fri Dec 2014
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The average car weighs 4,000 pounds and has the prospect of acting as a lethal weapon. As a heavy piece of metal and equipment, an automobile can easily cause an accident. Notwithstanding, the top reasons for car accidents vary as far as nature and character. Some motor vehicle accidents are merely inconvenient fender-benders. However, too often, car accidents can result in serious personal injury or even fatalities.Teenage girl texting on cell phone while driving


According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, there were in excess of 283,000 reported statewide motor vehicle crashes in 2013. Bergen County topped the list of reported accidents, closely followed by Middlesex County. The accidents occurred on local streets, as well as county roads and major highways. One news article credits Newark as one of the nation’s most likely cities for one to become involved in a car accident.

Driver’s Inattentiveness

In many instances, car accidents are caused by the inattentiveness of the driver of one or more vehicles. Here are some examples of distracted driving that leads to accidents:

  • Failure to use a hands free device
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Eating or drinking while driving
  • Taking eyes away from the road to look at another accident or scenery
  • Fiddling with the radio or GPS device

Driving While Under the Influence

Accidents may also occur because a driver thought they were well enough to drive, but were incapacitated. A large percentage of accidents occur because a driver was a either drunk or high on drugs. Unfortunately, these types of motor vehicle accidents often cause the most harm.

Driver Boldness

Quite a few accidents occur because of speeding or tailgating. A small percentage is also due to road rage. It is not uncommon to find aggressive drivers as a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents.

Weather Conditions

Precipitation is often a contributing factor to car crashes. Black ice is among the scariest, as motorists may not notice the slipperiness of the roadway. Any type of rain or snow can contribute to hydroplaning and sliding vehicles.

Mechanical Failure

Even new cars can be subject to accidents because of problems due to their design. Other mechanical issues may be due to inconsistent car maintenance.

Failure to Obey the Law

Traffic signals and signs are placed for the safety of travelers. Failure to obey them may result in serious motor vehicle crashes.

Personal Injury

In addition to property damage, many car accidents cause personal injury. Obviously, it is important to seek medical treatment to evaluate the extent of your injuries. However, the circumstances of the accident should also be reviewed by a competent attorney.   Contact Beninato & Matrafajlo for a review of your case.

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