Understanding New Jersey’s Premises Liability Laws

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Oct 2012
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Worker Compensation LawyersWe understand that accidents happen, and can happen anywhere. Catastrophic personal injuries can take place in nearly any place, public or private, and as an injured plaintiff, you deserve to be represented by a New Jersey injury attorney with the requisite experience and legal knowledge to expertly handle your claim. Under various principles of premises liability, building owners and shopkeepers are liable for injuries sustained by those lawfully on the properly for business or social purposes. We have a long history of achieving significant settlement amounts for our clients injured in buildings and look forward to discussing your claim.

Under New Jersey law, a property owner has the legal responsibility and duty to keep the premises safe from unreasonable harm. This means that a building owner must ensure that there are no significantly dangerous conditions on the property that could cause severe injury or death. Premises liability law in New Jersey is thought of as a legally complex concept and a New Jersey injury attorney can help you navigate this civil cause of action should you find yourself injured upon the property of another- including buildings.

We have handled a variety of cases involving injuries occurring in a building. Our clients have been injured by elevators, slip-and-fall situations, unreasonably icy conditions, unsafe windows and doors, hit-and-run drivers, house fires and uneven sidewalks, among many other scenarios. We have been integral in helping our clients recover due compensation and, in some cases, punitive damages. If you were recently injured in a building, store or apartment building, we are available to help you commence your case against the defendant responsible for your injuries.

Contact our offices today for a consultation about your injuries. Dan Matrafajlo is a New Jersey injury attorney with experience and qualifications and he is eager to hear from you. Call him today at 908-248-4404.

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