How to Use Your Smart Phone for Safety Reasons

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Mon Feb 2017
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Many people frown on smart phones as distractions. Clearly, they may be a problem if you have decided to text and drive. However, you might be surprised. Learn how you could actually use your smart phone for safety reasons.
Of course, there is the obvious. If you are involved in any type of accident, your cellular phone is a quick means of dialing for help. The built-in GPS features make it even more of a beneficial tool. If you can’t figure out where you are, the police should be able to locate you by your signal.
Smart Phone for Safety Reasons

Smart Phones and Distracted Driving

We’ve written before about the number of accidents caused by distracted driving. Amazingly, the National Safety Council shared research regarding some younger drivers. Those under age 35 claimed that texting had no impact on their ability to avoid an accident. Notwithstanding, texting and driving are illegal. One phone app might make the process easier.
If you are someone who simply can’t live without reading your texts or email, messageLOUD may work for you. The app works on Android phones and requires an annual subscription cost. It reads your texts and emails to you. In addition, you can listen to anything posted to Facebook Messenger.
If you are using an I-Phone, there are ways to get SIRI to read your text messages. However, this may require you to remove your hands from the steering wheel and put you at risk. Read it To Me is another app that is available for both I-Phone and Android devices.

Smart Phone for Emergency Alert

Unfortunately, you may find yourself in a situation where it is impossible to call for emergency help. What if you were injured in premises that had inadequate security? The SOS Stay Safe app sends out emergency text messages to predetermined contacts. It even includes a recording of the situation calling for the alert. Victims only need to shake the phone to start the message. It is only available for Android phones at this time.
You can watch a demonstration of VithU, another application that notifies specified individuals that you are in jeopardy. It is available for both Android and I-Phones. This app only requires two quick clicks of the power button.

More Smart Phone Safety Tips

There are other ways you can turn your smartphone into a safety device. Some users rely on smartphones as personal breathalyzers. However, we are not convinced that these are accurate or will prevent you from a DWI.
GPS is a valuable feature of every smartphone. Also, the phone’s flashlight can help you avoid a slip and fall accident.

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