What If an Insurance Adjuster Says, “You Had Better Accept Our Offer Right Now Because We Will Not Be Making Another”?

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Feb 2012
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Car Accident AttorneyThis is a common, but insubstantial bluff Linden car accident attorneys see. If your claim is worth $25,000 right now, it will still be worth $25,000 a month from now. Furthermore, the insurance adjuster’s withdrawing his offer all but invites you to file suit.

The adjuster likely does not want your case to proceed to litigation. It would require the insurance company to hire an expensive defense attorney, which may cost the insurer more in attorney’s fees than the amount requested in the claim in the end.

Furthermore, taking your case to court will keep it open longer than it needs to be, increasing the adjuster’s caseload. Often, adjusters already have heavy caseloads and are evaluated by their superiors based on how short their case turnover is.

The slowdown that inevitably results from litigating your case may have a negative impact on the adjuster’s performance evaluations, which can prevent him from getting raises and bonuses. This is especially true if your Linden car accident attorney needs to conduct extensive research into your case prior to trial.

You can counter the adjuster’s bluff to withdraw his offer by pointing out all of these facts to him. You can also have your Linden car accident attorney threaten to withdraw your demands in response—two can play that game, after all.

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