What if the employer’s medical doctor terminates a worker’s medical treatment prematurely

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Sun Nov 2011
  • Workers Compensation,
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Worker Compensation LawyerAccording to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law, an employee injured at work must receive appropriate medical treatment to alleviate or fix the employee’s disability to maximum medical improvement.  According to New Jersey law, the employer is afforded the sole task of picking the doctor.

What happens when an employee is terminated from medical treatment by the employer’s doctor prematurely?

If that is the case, it is prudent that the employee seek proper legal representation. Whereby, an experienced counsel will file a Petition for Medical and Temporary benefits in the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation District Court in the county (i.e. Middlesex, Union, Essex, or Monmouth Workers’ Compensation District Court) where the injured employee resides.  The good news, to the employee, is that the attorney fee is paid by the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier upon successful achievement of the requested medical treatment. It should be noted, that as of September 29, 2011 a memorandum was sent indicating that the attorney representing such an employee is entitled to his/her fee earlier then the final settlement for permanent benefits.

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