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What is whiplash?

whiplash lawyers new jerseyWhiplash and other medical conditions related to whiplash are types of neck injuries caused by sudden changes in the position of the neck. Newark whiplash lawyers most commonly encounter whiplash in car accidents where the car is hit from behind.

What are the symptoms of whiplash?

The most common symptom reported by persons who have whiplash is pain due to mild muscle strain or minor injury to other non-bone tissue. Other injuries include injury to the nerves, discs, and, in the most severe cases, injury to ligaments in the neck and even a broken bone in the neck.

How long does it take for the symptoms of whiplash to become apparent?

Typically, pain and other symptoms begin to set in approximately two hours after the impact. Sometimes, however, Newark whiplash lawyers encounter cases in which it takes several weeks or months before symptoms become apparent.

How long does it take to recover from whiplash?

Most car accident victims improve after only a few weeks, but in some cases, the pain can persist for months, or even be permanent. Recovery time usually hinges on the severity of the injury.

What are the contributing factors in the severity of the whiplash?

Many factors are relevant, but typically the most important are the force of the impact from the automobile accident, how the victim was positioned in his or her seat and whether or not the victim was wearing a seat belt at the time of impact.
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