What the Insurance Company Will Do About Your Rahway Car Accident Claim

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Wed Feb 2012
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Car Accident AttorneyIf you have filed a Rahway car accident claim, you may wonder what the insurance company for the person, persons, or company who caused your injury might do about it.

Right after the insurance company is given notification of your claim, it will establish a file on you and your case. A claims manager or claims supervisor will assign your file to an insurance claims adjuster. As your claim progresses, it’s possible that the manager will switch adjusters.

The insurance claims adjuster who has been assigned to your file will communicate with your Rahway car accident lawyer and conduct an independent investigation of your claim. This is so that the insurance company will find out:

  • Who was at fault;
  • Whether you are partly or wholly responsible for your own injures (this is called comparative negligence or contributory negligence);
  • Who the potential witnesses for your case are;
  • Where the accident occurred; and
  • What the police reports, Department of Motor Vehicle reports, and other investigative reports have to say about the accident.

The claims adjuster will then request medical and other reports on your injuries. The adjuster will examine documentation of your lost wages. The most important documents that the claims adjuster will view are your medical bills, hospital bills, prescription bills, therapy bills, and other actual expenses to treat your injury. Thus, it is crucial for you to maintain meticulous records of these matters. Your Rahway car accident lawyer can help you determine the best way to organize and maintain these records.

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