What To Do After a Cell Phone Accident

  • Dan T. Matrafajlo
  • Tue Jul 2012
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Phone AccidentNew Jersey has enacted laws that focus on punishing “distracted” drivers.  A New Brunswick cell phone accident lawyer will tell you that:

  • It is illegal for individuals to use a handheld device while operating a motor vehicle;

  • It is against the law for school bus drivers and those under 21 who are part of the graduated driver-licensing program to use cellular devices of any kind while driving; and

  • It is illegal for all drivers to drive and text at the same time.

Although a violation of these laws is a traffic court matter, if you have been injured in a traffic accident where the other driver was talking on a cell phone or texting, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit.

What should I do first?

Of course, attention to the medical needs of the injured and contacting the appropriate law enforcement agency is the first step.  But is also essential to act quickly to protect your right to recover your damages by contacting a New Brunswick cell phone accident lawyer.

What can a lawyer do for me?

Often, drivers will deny they were on their cell phone.  Your lawyer can subpoena the cell phone records of the other driver to determine what exactly was occurring at the time of and immediately preceding the accident.  Additionally, once it is determined the other driver was using his or her cell phone, they may deny that it was a factor in the accident.  Your lawyer has the means to provide accident reconstruction techniques that can show typical distracted driver behavior such as sudden avoidance maneuvers.

If you have been injured in a cell phone accident, Dan T. Matrafajlo, a New Brunswick cell phone accident lawyer can help you determine if you have a cause of action against the other driver. Mr. Matrafajlo offers a free, initial consultation.  Call (908) 248-4404 today for an appointment.

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